Repair of Nissan/Infiniti electronic devices

 Nissan/Infiniti electronic devices are reliable, but same as o lot of other complex devices sometimes fails. It May is due to fault owner because of a violation of operational requirements, or independent of the user (factory defect or natural wear) List of known faults:

-Touch screen does not operate or broken

- Head unit does not run when power is ON

-CD-drive can't read a compact disc or can't insert/eject it

- No sound at speakers

- SD card can't be recognized or lost

- Secure message on the display

- Keyboard does not operate

- Instrument cluster does not operate or does not run

- Dim pixels on the display at the instrument cluster

If you have the same fault(-s), you can be sure that we are able to repair it. The new device is very expensive so you should know that most of the faults can be repaired. All services provided with a warranty


Describe your problem and we will contact you.

You can attach a few photos where your fault is visible